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The HK GMG (Grenade Machine Gun) is a combat-proven belt-fed automatic grenade launcher that fires high impulse 40mm (40 x 53 mm) grenades in a variety of applications. The HK GMG can be transported in a “backpack” configuration by a two-man team and can also be mounted on a vehicle or helicopter. Its excellent accuracy, operator convertible feed direction, removable barrel, night fighting capability, and unmatched safety features make the HK GMG an effective fire support system.

The HK GMG uses an aluminum receiver for reduced weight and manufacturing costs. Other features include a fluted chamber for equal pressure on cartridge case and positive extraction and ejection, advanced primer ignition, and a barrel that is easily removable for field stripping without the use of tools. This is also an advantage in the event that an HE projectile becomes lodged in the bore.

The bolt reciprocates on a massive guide rod and is stabilized by two steel rails, all of which are bolted to the receiver, eliminating the need for welding in the receiver.

The HK GMG upper mount (gun cradle) readily mounts to standard U.S. tripods, various vehicle mounts, or the lightweight, adjustable HK aluminum tripod. The HK tripod provides low-to-high height position settings as well as provisions for the use of a ballast sack to reduce tripod movement during firing from the high standing position, as when firing from behind cover such as a wall or berm.

The upper mount also provides a wider, more stable set of control grips with ambidextrous firing levers and an adjustable shoulder support. This enables the operator to quickly index and accurately engage multiple and/or moving targets during free gun firing.

Clearing the gun simply consists of lifting the feed tray cover and removing the belt. The position of the ambidextrous charging handle allows the shooter to cock and clear the gun without reaching near the ammunition belt and feed way.

The HK GMG is available at a unit cost below the purchase cost of competing systems.

GMG safety features:

  • Firing pin safety:
 This independent safety system ensures that in any event the firing pin cannot reach the primer until the cartridge has been sufficiently chambered.
  • Loading safety:
 Opening the feed cover prevents the bolt from traveling forward all the way in case of inadvertent release.
  • Cocking safety:
 Where the bolt is not pulled back completely, accidental firing is prevented by an integral, automatic mechanism, which stops the bolt from traveling forward.
  • Bolt lock: A manual lock acting on the cocking unit can be activated in the event of a stoppage prior to the feed cover being opened. The cocking unit is to be held back when releasing this lock.

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